Job description

Certified construction specialist whose main responsibility is to ensure the appropriate level of quality for the work for which he is employed. He or she is responsible for ensuring the quality of construction work, technically coordinating it throughout the execution process and taking the necessary steps to maintain a high level of quality and productivity.

Job description of Technical Execution Officer

Job requirements:

  • Graduate of the Faculty of Construction
  • At least 6 years of relevant experience on construction sites, in the electrical field
  • Authorized I.S.C in fields 1.1 - 1.2
  • Relevant experience in the field of construction (advantage in the field of solar panels)
  • Solid knowledge of MS Office and other basic software used in this field
  • Minimum 3 years in similar positions
  • Willingness to travel in the territory, approximately 30 % of actual working time
  • English language intermediate or advanced level
  • Good organisational, planning and forecasting skills
  • Process optimization skills
  • Ability to coordinate several teams
  • Good knowledge of specific legislation and rules in force
  • Good communicator (oral/written, public/individual)
  • Good organizational/planning and efficiency skills
  • Result orientation, integrity, resilience to stress under varying circumstances
  • Financial basics
  • High degree of autonomy and responsibility towards the activity carried out
  • Holder of driving licence category "B"


  • It looks at the quality of the project and checks that everything matches what is in the specifications.
  • Assist in the drawing of the project and the milestones.
  • It considers checking documents, from project the technical documentation on which the authorisation is based.
  • Check the technical expertise.
  • Will make an electronic register to keep track of daily activities.
  • Identify, if applicable, deviations from the mentions in the draft execution.
  • Follow every phase the project, sign and stamp the related documents.
  • Look at the quality of the materials used. If irregularities are reported by him or by other factors beyond his control, if work is temporarily postponed or suspended, RTE becomes responsible for requiring the storage of materials and other products in specially arranged places.
  • It can stop work if it is found that technical regulations are not being respected. To this end, the R.N.C. (non-conformity report) will be drawn up and the causes of the non-conformity will be analysed together with the site manager and the designer of the work. The work will only be resumed once the situation has been rectified.
  • Will realize technical book of the construction in question, together with the site manager and the designer. The latter will then hand it over to the beneficiary
  • Will notify the State Building Inspectorate if any changes occur in the permit or other personal data.

Also, in case of controls by the competent authorities, RTE will provide the documentation requested at the control.

Elements that the RTE must monitor and if necessary will intervene to remedy the deficiencies found in order to maintain a high quality of work.

  • Mechanical strength and stability;
  • Occupational safety and fire protection;
  • Hygiene, health and environment;
  • Safety and accessibility in operation;
  • Energy saving;
  • Sustainable use of resources.

Company presentation:

Waldevar Energy, founded in 2011, specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of large-scale photovoltaic parks and has established itself on the Romanian market as one of the largest companies in the field of photovoltaic energy.
With a vast experience gained through the realization of more than 200 MW in the last 12 months, WALDEVAR Energy can execute photovoltaic parks both at home and abroad. With an execution capacity of 1MW/day and a green energy exploitation process that can be considered as a model for building the future. And sustainability, professionalism and competitiveness are the words that define our company.

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