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The Administration of the Environment Fund (AFM) has published the list of the validated installers to install subsidized photovoltaic systems to those who have qualified in the Green House Photovoltaic program.

“Starting today, individuals and houses of worship will be able to select from the computer application one of the 515 validated installers to check their documents submitted under the Photovoltaic Green House Programme. We hope that all 87,500 applicants who applied this year will be approved and become prosumers in the coming period,” said AFM President Laurențiu-Adrian Neculaescu.

The list of companies is available HERE: instalatori_aprobati-2023_09_06

Here are the next steps communicated by AFM:

Within a maximum of 90 days, calculated from today, 6 September 2023, the following steps shall be completed:

  • selection by the applicant of a validated installer via the application;
  • the installer’s analysis of the documents uploaded by the applicant;
  • approval of eligible applicants by the installer in the application.

Within a maximum of 30 days from the date of selection of the installer by an applicant, the installer reviews the documents uploaded by the applicant according to the review procedure and selects eligible applicants in the application.

The Environmental Fund Administration generates lists of eligible applicants’ projects through the application.

Once the list of approved applicants has been published on the website of the Environmental Fund Administration, the installer will be able to start installing the photovoltaic panels.

The project implementation is carried out within a maximum of 12 months after the project approval, within which time the installation must be completed and the connection certificate obtained.

The total budget for this session of the programme is almost 2 billion lei, of which more than 1.7 billion lei was allocated to individuals and 17.5 million lei was available to religious institutions.